Welcome to Classic Tube Sound

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by our site.  We are proud to present to you some of the finest handmade tube amps and speaker accessories available at reasonable prices.  It started back in 2011 when we decided it was time to introduce a new version of Tube Amps to meet the needs and demands of guitar and pedal steel guitar players alike.  The results ended up being the Classic Vibe 100 and having a sound far beyond what we originally imagined.

    The Fender Twin 65 was the Granddaddy in the sixty’s to set the bench mark for Tube Amplification.  For Steel Guitar Players that sound, that warmth is what won them over.  For Guitar Players it was the ultimate sounding amp for harmonic distortion and warmth.

    The Classic Vibe 100 is like the 65 Twin Reverb but on steroids.  Our amp comes standard with the features your Granddaddy wished he had.  Welcome to the world of new Tube Amplifications,


Bert Dyer

(President, Classic Tube Sound)